Reflexology for Babies, Toddlers and Children

Its such a joy to give Reflexology to young children and babies and, in my experience, they love receiving it too! 

It is a wonderful way to support your baby and/or children on their journey through life. Reflexology is a completely natural therapy with an aim to promote good health and wellbeing for all.

Reflexology points can be taught to you, as parents or guardian's, to be able to work on your baby or child's feet, hands or face at home to help bring calm and support their wellbeing as they grow.

I offer workshops or one to one sessions to teach you to work with your children. These sessions can be organised at any of the centres or as a home visit.

Could you host a workshop in your home for up to four mum's and babies?

Gather your friends together or NCT buddies and If a group of you would like to learn Baby Reflexology we can organise to run the workshops in your own home, it is a relaxed and informal atmosphere within a home environment which lends itself really well to the learning of these techniques. 

Baby Reflexology Workshops are taught in three weekly sessions, each session has one of the following themes:
  • Feeding and Digestion
  • Sleeping and Calming
  • Wellbeing
Contact me for more information or if you would like to book a workshop or a session.

Just before the photograph below was taken, this little one was crying - as soon as I touched the solar plexus point for calming on her feet, she stopped crying and looked up at me with her mouth in a little 'o' shape - beautiful!
Contact Felicity at or call: 07976926322 to book a place or for more information.