Reflexology for Pregnancy

Working with mothers-to-be on their journey through pregnancy is both an honour and a joy.
In my experience as a practitioner I have observed that Reflexology can truly help alleviate the physical discomforts that arise during Pregnancy alongside supporting the  mother-to-be emotionally, helping her to feel relaxed, calm and at ease.

I have undertaken additional training in this area through courses with the wonderful Midwife and Reflexologist, Susanne Enzer and have learned specific techniques to help reduce pelvic pain, reduce water retention, encourage the onset of labour and encourage a baby to move position (should they be in the Breech position).

Foot Reflexology is a well recognised therapy in the area of Pregnancy and many caregivers now recommend it. Dr Gowri Motha (author of the Gentle Birth Method) advocates Reflexology, regarding it as 'one of the most powerful tools in my programme'.

Please get in touch if you would like more information on how Reflexology could support you through the journey of Pregnancy and postnatally.
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