Dear Reader; the testimonials written below are a record of individual experiences of Reflexology or the Metamorphic Technique. As we are all unique, I hope you can appreciate that any reference to improvement in health cannot be generalised to everyone. Any questions, please contact me by telephone, email or the contact form on this website, many thanks.

"I was introduced to Felicity during my pregnancy by my antenatal yoga teacher. I have always had a keen interest in reflexology and was keen this time to find a reflexologist who specialised in pregnancy. Felicity clearly has an amazing passion for her work which was wonderful to experience. In our sessions, I was made to feel so relaxed – tranquil music, peaceful room, comfortable bed, nothing felt rushed which for me all added to the perfect setting. In our first session, Felicity opened by explaining what my feet told her, I was intrigued and amazed - she was spot on. We worked on my lower back, water retention and tiredness. In the later stages she helped position my baby. It was exciting to learn that she could actually feel where the baby was lying from points on my feet. I attended sessions every two weeks and felt wonderful after each treatment, it really helped alleviate my aliments and it all contributed to me enjoying a wonderful pregnancy.

I went back to see Felicity after my little girl Sienna was born as she was suffering with Acid reflux and in a lot of pain. She had been prescribed gaviscon which I was putting in every feed, but I didn’t want to keep giving her medication. Felicity suggested I bring her in for some baby reflexology. I was a little unsure and thought we may have to cut the session short due to her screaming. I was wrong. Sienna was so relaxed with Felicity. It was so lovely sharing a session with my daughter and after her treatment Sienna fell asleep on my tummy while I enjoyed a session to rebalance my post natal body. I was shown some techniques I could take away use on Sienna each evening which was all good fun as she wiggled and put her feet in her mouth, but it was a wonderful time for us both. I enjoyed helping Sienna and she definitely benefited and recovered quickly to become now very happy and content baby.

Felicity’s help goes over and beyond a treatment session as she forwarded advice and help if needed. Nothing is ever too much. I have had many reflexologist sessions over the years and hand on heart can say Felicity is the best I have experienced. I feel lucky to have met Felicity and am ever so grateful for all her help. I look forward to another session soon." A. Kevan

"I sought a reflexology session with Felicity as I was full-term pregnant with a predicted huge baby - the doctors had asked me to 'get things moving ASAP' and I thought I would try reflexology. My waters broke two days later - but the thing I most remember from my treatment was that it felt like the best hour of my entire pregnancy! At the time it felt like the best hour of my life! :) I was so relaxed throughout the treatment and afterwards felt totally in tune with my body and mentally prepared for labour / what was due to happen. I especially loved the reading Felicity did of my feet and will continue to recommend her to any pregnant lady I encounter. I only wish I had discovered Felicity earlier and I would have treated myself to more sessions earlier on." C. Callus

"I have had the Metamorphic technique a few times by Felicity and each session produced dramatic results. I went into the first session with an open mind not knowing what to expect. During the session I felt extremely relaxed and energised. The best results were actually immediately after the session within the next few days, whereby I found myself thinking a lot clearer and having a lot more motivation and energy. After having the second session I felt this was magnified with an immense feeling of something being lifted off my shoulders as I was having difficulty in focusing and motivating myself with respect to my work. The results were noticeable within days and by the end of the week, I was feeling very positive, able to look at things clearly and differently with a inner calmness. I would highly recommend Felicity and Metamorphic Technique for anyone who wants to have a deeper understand into how they can improve their well being as well as unblock any unknown issues that stop them from progressing forward!" May

"Felicity treated me regularly over several months following major spinal surgery. I was very weak and had a lot of nerve damage , and exhausted after radiotherapy. The reflexology had a profound effect,- each session helping me sleep better, regain strength and calm the trauma. She took great care of me and considered carefully what was needed. I loved seeing her, it was a pleasure to have her treat me. Always thoughtful, smiling and truly concerned for my well being. I would not hesitate to recommend reflexology as a therapeutic treatment, but most especially Felicity Bevell as a practitioner." L. Cramer

"As a scientist, I was a complete sceptic when I first heard about Reflexology. All I knew was that it had something to do with your feet, and I assumed it was a massage or something which might feel nice. How wrong I was! This technique has completely transformed my life. I first met Felicity at a Mum's Pamper Morning shortly after I had my baby, and immediately felt a connection with her. She asked some questions about my health and any health concerns I might have. I mentioned my C-section and my hand surgery and thought no more of it. But when she started working, I actually felt a warmth around my C-section scar and the scar on my hand!!! This blew my mind completely..how could someone delicately touching my feet have an effect on a distant part of my body? I felt completely calm and relaxed afterwards, even after just a 10 minute session. Since then, I have visited Felicity several times, even though I live quite a distance from her now. Each time, we have focussed on different areas, and I have always left feeling a sense of release, calm and at ease in myself. At my most recent visit, I was at a particularly low point in my life, and after the session, I feel centered and balanced again and ready for the next challenge. Felicity is a kind, warm and caring practitioner who I cannot recommend highly enough." J. Chamberlain

"I was very impressed by Felicity's capacity to feel, touch and locate straight away where the 'imbalances' were in my body using Reflexology. She is incredibly accurate and her gentle way works in great depth. I tried both reflexology and the metamorphic technique, depending on what I felt I needed at the time and I felt the benefits from the first session and it stayed with me for a long time. I sent my partner for both methods as well and again, the results were impressive. On top of being very efficient, Felicity has a very pure and soothing presence." A. Zahno

"Having had reflexology with Felicity during both my pregnancies which are at 3 years apart, I can honestly say the difference has been amazing, my second pregnancy has been so much easier than the first and I'm sure its down to the fortnightly sessions I have been having since around 17 weeks.

This time around I have not had the swelling in my feet and legs that I experienced the first time and secondly after the threatened return of SPD, Felicity worked her magic and I have not felt that pain since. Felicity is also amazingly in tune with how I'm feeling and is even able to tell if I've been craving sugar or if I've not been drinking enough water etc....the advice she is able to give on many things from nutrition right through to which books to read and which supplements to take has without doubt been incredibly helpful. Not many people will practice reflexology on pregnant women, so a good antenatal reflexologist is hard to find and I highly recommend Felicity to anyone looking for help during their pregnancy." C. Michael

"I saw Felicity as I had a severe problem with GERD, a difficult digestive/acid problem. I had been taking Ibuprofen and painkillers for a few years as I had arthritis in my left hip. A total hip replacement was carried out at UCH in October 2010, which was very successful. However I was left with what felt like indigestion, which over the months became very severe. It was very painful and I started to restrict my diet and started taking Omeprazole prescribed by the GP. I could not eat or drink without pain, sleeping became difficult and I felt very unwell. I started researching alternative treatments and therefore went along to see Felicity for facial reflexology. I had a number of sessions and eventually she managed to get it under control. It was a totally amazing experience, I looked forward to going every week, as I just lay on her couch and instantly fell asleep, sometimes without her even touching me. I last saw her in May 2011 and thankfully the symptoms of GERD have not recurred. I would highly recommend her and if I have any other problems I would see her without hesitation." J. Kelly

"The Metamorphic Technique helped to revitalise me and made me feel better. I will admit I was sceptical about it at first because I do not believe in quick improvements, but the outcome really surprised me and it has helped me to look at things around me from a different angle. Felicity is an incredible person and clearly has a gift for her work and I am grateful that I could receive metamorphic with her." L. Zalecza

'When I started seeing Felicity I was suffering from very bad depression and anxiety and had a total loss of appetite. After my first session with her I was amazed to find that I began to feel hungry again and by the end of the day my appetite had returned fully. I continued having weekly sessions with Felicity and found that her treatment was instrumental in my recovery to wellbeing. She is fabulous at what she does especially as she tailor made a treatment programme to suit me and was both supportive and understanding on a personal level. I will be forever grateful for the difference Felicity's treatment has made to my life and would highly, without a doubt, recomend her to anyone.'  J. Lundholm

'I had a facial reflexology treatment with Felicity for half an hour after a 14hour day. I had been suffering ear-ache, an intense dull headache and was exhausted due to suffering from insomnia. After a half hour session with Felicity my head cleared within ten minutes, leaving me extremely clear headed and feeling remarkably fresh; without tiredness and without pain. I slept soundly that night and the following night (by soundly I mean 10 hours each night), and have not suffered any insomnia since. Pretty extraordinary results.' A. Armstrong
'Felicity’s warm smile combined with her professionalism and expertise mean that she has become a lifeline to me over the past 18 months. She’s taught me how to relax and to cope better with the pressures of my career, as well as helping me get through some traumatic times at home. I look forward to each treatment as I know I will always leave feeling refreshed, happier and healthier.' Julie
"I came to see Felicity after having foot reflexology about 13 years ago and was curious to find out about facial reflexology. Following my first treatment I was amazed that she had identified trouble spots for me, e.g. sugar cravings. Over time I have become more aware of how my diet and various stresses result in imbalances within my body and my sessions with Felicity have motivated me to take steps to try achieve a greater balance within myself. The sessions have been deeply relaxing and afterwards I can feel very tired or quite energised and clear. I have aways felt very comfortable and relaxed in Felicity's company, she has an extremely warm, caring and positive approach to her practice." L.Riddell
'Felicity treated me with facial reflexology when I was pregnant, with great results. We started with general relaxation which was amazingly helpful and very profound. Later in my pregnancy my baby turned into a less optimal position. Felicity instantly understood how anxious I was about this (I'd had an emergency c-section with my first baby as it was in this position) and was very reassuring, and used Facial Reflexology points to help turn the baby into the perfect position. She did this three times! She also gave me pressure points to use at home if the baby moved, which I used to great effect. After a less than straightforward and quite traumatic birth, Felicity's treatment left me feeling more balanced and as though I'd been put back together. I'm in no doubt that my recovery would have been much longer without her treatments. I cannot recommend Felicity highly enough. Her presence alone is a great salve, and coupled with how effective facial reflexology is, has a dramatic end result. I am still amazed that facial reflexology can be so profound.' C. Street

"I came to Felicity after been diagnosed with post pill amenorrhea (no period after being off the pill for 9 months). I was hoping the sessions with Felicity would help my periods return and then I could plan for a baby. Not only did my periods return after our second session, but by the sixth session it was confirmed that I was pregnant. I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. The facial reflexology, along with lifestyle advice, she provided me with, helped everything fall into place. Thank you Felicity! I’ve recommended Felicity to a friend who is also achieving great results." K. Eakin

"Felicity was recommended to me by a friend. I had starting having panic attacks and feeling generally unwell and after a series of tests, my GP still had no idea what the cause of the problem was. I went to reflexology with an open mind but not expecting to be ‘cured’, however over the course of my 5 sessions almost all of my initial health problems were gone as they were largely stress-related. Felicity also managed to pick up on a urine infection I had that my GP had missed! I would highly recommend Felicity to anyone with an open mind looking to get better; whether physically, mentally or both" F. Josephs

"I have suffered from Trigeminal Nerve Pain for the last 12 years with head pain and also pain on the left side of my face. I have tried various medications, acupuncture and indian head massage but none helped.

My pain is usually triggered by a build up of stress. Recently I had the worst pain I have ever experienced, excruciating pain on and off during the day and constant pain at night. The pain was so extreme that tears kept rolling down my cheeks. Luckily I managed to get an appointment quickly with Felicity for Facial Reflexology. It was like a miracle! No further pain since, only some slight tingling. I would sincerely recommend this treatment especially as it does not hurt and is so relaxing too!" D. Thielamay

"I am utterly amazed at the impact reflexology has had on me. It's far more relaxing than a massage and has helped ease shoulder pain I've had for years. I would highly recommend it to anyone." S. Waldron

“I came to Felicity after suffering post natal depression. I have to admit to being a little sceptical, even during the treatment itself which was rather ticklish. However, the results were amazing and I couldn't stop laughing once the treatment was over! I came to Felicity feeling tired and melancholy but left with a broad smile and a feeling of lightness and brightness that stayed with me for a long time afterwards. I am now going back to work and have booked further treatment to help me cope with the change.” K Gayton (Metamorphic Technique)

“Felicity's Reflexology was a lifesaver for me when I was pregnant. I suffered from swollen legs and ankles and the reflexology I received really relieved them as well as helping me to relax and focus on myself and my baby. It was my treat to myself and I highly recommend Felicity, pregnant or not. I'll never forget the wonderful experience of reflexology in my pregnancy and will definitely be going back when I am pregnant with Number two!” C. Michael

“I underwent a series of treatments with Felicity at a time when I was stressed at work and experiencing problems with irritable bowel syndrome. I found Felicity to be very knowledgeable and professional. The treatments were extremely relaxing and over several weeks I noticed that my stomach problems improved. I’m grateful for the help that Felicity gave me in coping with a stressful time at work and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone considering Reflexology.” D. Kuipers

“I found that Felicity helped to reduce my stress levels, reduced occurrence of headaches, improved immune system and improved sleeping patterns, through a holistic approach- including treatments but also diet and exercise. I found treatments relaxing, but amazingly could also feel different parts of my body relax and respond.” L.Ruediger

“I found that Felicity Reflexology helped me deal with my stress. I always felt more relaxed following sessions and after my course of treatment I found I had new techniques to help me deal with my stress. I found it to be a holistic approach to dealing with my problem.” S.Pettigrew
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